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Dr Henry Clarke Joins FPS


FPS is delighted to announce Dr. Henry Clarke has joined our leadership team. As Chief Engineer Mechanical Systems, Henry is responsible for modelling and design of physical systems our control algorithms interact with.

His first project involves optimising integration and usage of phase change materials within commercial refrigeration and HVAC systems with the goal of improving efficiency, reducing costs and enabling peak load management to support EV charging.

The project involves close collaboration with Imperial College London, University of Birmingham and Hubbard Products alongside a major UK supermarket to build and test a prototype system at Hubbard’s factory as part of preparations for live trials.

Following a PhD in liquid nitrogen power conversion, Henry has spent nearly a decade leading cutting-edge projects from refrigeration cycles to heat recovery hybrid powertrains as the Head of Innovation at Dearman Engine Company.

“I am excited to be joining FPS at such a pivotal time,” said Henry upon joining FPS. “It is clear the energy transition is gathering pace in the transport and thermal sectors, creating challenges and opportunities in relation to the electricity network, costs and operational imperatives. Combining robust engineering approaches with big data is a new and promising pathway to overcoming the barriers on the road to net zero.”

Henry is part of our growing team of engineers, physicists, economists and data scientists who work on our EV and HVAC-R projects. If you are interested in using engineering and data to accelerate the energy transition and think you have what it takes, why not send us a CV and covering letter to