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Sainsbury’s working with Flexible Power Systems to cut fleet emissions

Sainsbury’s is working with fleet electrification specialists Flexible Power Systems (FPS) on a new type of smart plug required to power electric Transport Refrigeration Units (TRUs).

After a successful trial last year, the supermarket rolled out five electric refrigerated trailers to its lorry fleet that emit zero carbon, reducing the overall impact of the vehicle, helping to protect local communities from air pollution. 

In order for the retailer to make further carbon savings it is working with FPS to design, develop and deploy the new smart plug required to power electric TRUs, as well as serving the current fleet.

Working with FPS’s smart charging system, the plugs will manage power demands from plugging in TRUs of all types in the distribution centre. 

By using this technology at Sainsbury’s depots, the supermarket claims it will save 4 tonnes of carbon per vehicle a year.

The future-proofing project begins as the ban on red diesel approaches. As of April 1, red diesel will no longer be available at a rebated rate for many commercial applications, as part of the Government’s plans to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions and improve air quality. 

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